The career of Chico Boro Boro began in Havana, Cuba, where his father was the musical director of “Tropicana in Havana,” a cabaret show.

At age 10, Chico was fascinated with the incredible sounds the orchestra produced. By age 15, he sang background vocals in his cousin’s band. After a few years, he became the lead singer of another band and parlayed his acting and comedy skills on the stage.

At the peak of his career he formed his own Afro-Cuban jazz band, which consisted of 10 musicians and two dancers. He played all around the nightclub circuit, including hotels.

In September 2009, Chico defected to the United States. He escaped on a boat and brought with him a sophisticated knowledge of Afro-Cuban jazz, went to New York where he played in small clubs, then extended his musical talent to Panama and Puerto Rico.

In 2016, he moved to Los Angeles to begin a new chapter in his entertainment career.

He is a bandleader of a 12-piece Latin jazz band. His concert is a combination of singing, dancing and his brand of humor blended around his act.

From the moment he walks on the stage, Chico Boro Boro delights the audience with his talent, warmth and personal interpretation of Afro-Cuban jazz.